Patient Stories

Sandy B

So far I’ve been very fortunate compared to a lot of thymus carcinoma patients.  In March 2019 I was have trouble taking a deep breath, so my doctor ordered a CAT scan ... more

Sarah R

I am 37 years old. I went to the ER with chest pain and a CT indicated that I had an anterior mediastinal mass. I saw many doctors and even went to Cleveland Clinic. Several doctors told me to watch a ... more

Jason D

Jason Dookhie (#TeamJason) Our fifteen year-old son Jason was diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma in January 2016. Jason is a remarkably strong perso ... more

Joan F

Hello, My name is joan fitzgerald, I'm a 35yr old Caucasian female with a diagnosis of malignant thymoma with major indentation of the right atrium. The tumour is extending from the left pulmonary ... more

Alida N

My experience seems be a total tale of confusion and I have often felt like Alice down the rabbit hole, except with no happy ending. I was always a fairly healthy person in the big picture.  Tons of ... more

Regina M

April 2012 My thymic carcinoma was diagnosed in July 2011. In May and June, I was complaining of breathlessness, weakness, & shortness of breath. When I walked up 1 flight of stairs, I was gasp ... more


Posted May 2012 In February 2007, Lori, our then sixteen year old son Josh, and I were in China adopting our precious 19 month old baby girl, Joyanna. Although Lori had suffered from migraines all ... more

Allan D

Posted May 2012 My husband Allan, age 54, went for a routine physical in February 2012. He hadn't had one for 7 years. They asked him if he wanted a chest xray? Luckily he said yes. (His father h ... more

Debbi Dolnick

I am Debbi, a 61 year old female. I was rear-ended in an auto accident on January 29th, ... more

Barbara Neibauer

Barbara passed away on September 4, 2005. Barbara's personal journal: In Nove ... more