Patient Stories

Alan B

Alan Blaustein My name is Alan Blaustein and I was diagnosed with stage IVa thymus cancer on May 18, 2005 (by the way, I also have thyroid cancer). Since that time I have had surgery to remove the ... more

Alessandro M

Alessandro Marzi Hi group, my name is Alessandro Marzi, I'm 38 years old from Rome, Italy, and following is my story. I was diagnosed with Thymic Carcinoma in July 1997, after a rx made for anot ... more

Alida N

My experience seems be a total tale of confusion and I have often felt like Alice down the rabbit hole, except with no happy ending. I was always a fairly healthy person in the big picture.  Tons of ... more

Allan D

Posted May 2012 My husband Allan, age 54, went for a routine physical in February 2012. He hadn't had one for 7 years. They asked him if he wanted a chest xray? Luckily he said yes. (His father h ... more

Amy R

My sister Amy was diagnosed with a malignant Thymoma in August 2002. She and her husband in Cincinnati, OH had just purchased their dream home in July and Amy was just too tired and sick to unpack. Sh ... more


I was in an automobile accident in November, 2003. as a result of some pain, I went to an emergency room to check and see if I had broken a rib. The good news was that I hadn't--the bad news was that ... more


After reading the horror stories this disease brought upon us I thought I would share my story. I was diagnosed Jan 04 with stage IVb Thymic Carsanoma. I also had pneumonia, anemia and periocarditi ... more

Barbara C

Barbara Canfora In June of this year, I was told I have Thymic Carcinoma. It was found in a CT Scan. I am female and 56 years old. I have had surgery, 33 radiation treatments and so far 3 session ... more

Barbara Neibauer

Barbara passed away on September 4, 2005. Barbara's personal journal: In Nove ... more


2005 Chris passed away on April 18th….the kids and I miss him terribly, but are going on as best we can. There is a terrible void in all of our lives that will never be filled. He turned 46 on Ap ... more