The Foundation created the International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (ITMIG) to promote research into thymic and other mediastinal malignancies and related conditions.

ITMIG has been praised as a model for scientific interest groups for rare diseases, and has been recognized by the major bodies governing the organization of cancer activities: the International Union against Cancer (UICC) and the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC). Furthermore, ITMIG has been embraced by other professional organizations in related fields, and it has undertaken a number of global initiatives, which are described in more detail on its website.

Not only can ITMIG offer you, the physician or researcher, a variety of valuable resources, but by joining ITMIG you can help fight this rare disease.



The Foundation created and has partnered with the International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group (ITMIG), a scientific and academic organization devoted to the study of thymic malignancies. Click to go to the ITMIG website